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Vintage 5” sculpted red oak pewter 2300 sq.ft

Vintage 5” wire brushed Atlantis w/oak 839 sq.ft

Vintage 3 ¼” w/oak NSS Dali sculpted   -   2600sq.ft

Purparkett 7 ½” Sevilla   -   300sq.ft

Superior 2 ¼” select oak Coal semi gloss   -   336sq.ft

Superior 3 ½” select maple Clove low sheen   -   288sq.ft

Superior 2 ¼” ash Russett semi gloss   -   336sq.ft

Experience & Expertise

Over eight decades of experience and counting. We know wood and we are happy to share our knowledge with you.

Product Selection

We carry all major brands and have over 2500 products in our showrooms to meet your budget and exceed your expectations.

Professional Installation

Our installation process is the key to long lasting fabulous floors. We are detail-oriented, efficient, quality-focused and have a streamlined workflow system.

Warranty & Support

Our products are warrantied and our service is guaranteed. We’ve got you covered.

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